4 Mothers Day Gifts That Are Destined For The Trash-pullip

Home-and-Family The best way to keep your Mother’s Day gifts from getting thrown away is to take a few minutes to consider Mom as an individual with likes and dislikes. It may be difficult the first time, but after you’ve tried it once or twice you’ll begin to realize that she enjoys going to the gym (maybe she needs a yoga mat) or taking art classes (a good collection of artist’s pencils might thrill her) or collecting sea glass on the beach (a guide to the best sea glass beaches in the world could be interesting).You might think of her as just as ordinary Mom, but in fact, she’s an extraordinary person and deserves a gift for Mother’s Day that is thoughtful and personal. Reason One: It was Purchased at the Gas Station – A bag of corn snacks and a dust-covered plastic rose is not an appropriate gift for Mother’s Day. End of story. Reason Two: It’s the Wrong Size – A gift of clothing that is too big or (worse yet) too small will almost certainly land in a pile of things to bring to Goodwill or simply get chucked directly into the trash when you’re not looking. For the uninitiated: A gift receipt provides proof of purchase without revealing the price of the item. With a gift receipt, neither you nor Mom has to be embarrassed if you only spent $2.99 on her present. A word to the wise — handbags and silk wraps always fit. Reason Three: She Already has One – Alright, so mom really liked the candle holder you gave her for last year’s Mother’s day gift. Then, on her birthday you gave her a matching vase. Then for Christmas it was a set of crystal wine glasses. Enough! Of course, some Moms love collectibles but unless she’s specifically expressed a desire for more stemware, neck scarves, butterfly-themed pajamas or wind chimes choose a more unique gift this year. Relying on the same type of gift for each special occasion tells Mom that your aren’t really putting a lot of thought into it. Every Mom wishes to be recognized as more than a collection of fancy dishes. Reason Four: It’s Handmade – If you are ten years old or actually have some type of crafting/artistic talent then you’re exempt from this rule. But everyone else reading this – pay close attention! F.et the coupons for backrubs and anything that involves glue and glitter. Handmade Mother’s Day gifts seem quaint and sweet, but if you think about all the quaint and sweet things Mom already has stuffed into boxes, drawers and envelopes you’ll realize she deserves something that’s not held together with staples. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: