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37 "legend" big cash division Champions League first leg ended today was born to play the game became a popular choice for entertainment, games can be good in winning a large sum of cash rewards! In the e-sports fiery situation, 37 "legend" hand dominance war gaming also kicked off the Webpage Game gaming game. 37 "legend br" the first National League Xuanwu 5v5 cash contest on November 12th (Saturday) ended in the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao perfect, division four most teams meet in battle, and ultimately by the "delirious" team won the first division championship! "Legend" official website: [br] came to live outdoors in Qingdao how can Qingdao taste characteristics of the local delicacy? 37 br "hand in hand" legend Betta popularity anchors a brother Arco Qingdao online tour for the majority of game player. Landmarks in Qingdao District of Taitung night market appeared mysterious Arco brother, friends of the water side and ridicule tasting delicacy, accidentally been recognized many younger sister have to find a photo, simply bursting with popularity! Evening, brother and Arco raid 37 "legend br" cash League game scene, live to teach water friends how to receive red envelopes of cash and in the game, the game staged with the fans love to kill the drama studio popularity exceeded 200 thousand. Betta popular live game [pre anchor Arco] than be in full swing relaxing Arco brother, 37 "legend". The first line 5v5 cash League battle is intense. Xuanwu division "yiluanqingmi talent shows itself" and "power" and "VS" word of God "tumblebugs" four teams from all over the country arrived in Qingdao battlefield. The 37 "legend". Cash is not only competitive league Webpage Game feast, is called the legendary brothers from the game to reality. Before the contest begins, the venue is already a crowd, in addition to the team members, there are a lot of "legend 37 br" loyal fans come here. QingDao Railway Station game [Xuanwu division first round of the contest for desperate war triggered at any moment]! The first round of battle "tumblebugs" VS "VS God", "delirious" VS "hands", the two sides of each race each other. Outside the battlefield, all corners of the country are brothers, but on the battlefield, the outcome of competition, there is a life and death struggle. The final "tumblebugs" and "spellbound" won the first round of the count every minute and second, the game, the champions match ups. Throughout the course of the game, the 37 "legend" br "official blood anchor doll hair" and "master, ambiguous" also live coverage of events, from the team lineup to make tactical adjustments, wonderful explanation. QingDao Railway Station 5V5 fierce confrontation [war] "crown pedestria tumblebugs" and "spellbound" two teams is the king of kings, win glory in battle in the ultimate championship on the battlefield. The duel is still three innings two, a "delirious" first force to win, "tumblebugs" also refused to yield, after two fighting back two. Finally, the 37 "legend" League QingDao Railway Station cash.相关的主题文章: