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360 mobile phone also followed the pace of Coaching: Zhu Fanghao no longer served as president of Sohu the Sohu of science and technology science and technology Luoyuan November 4th news, according to internal reliable news, 360 mobile phone Zhu Fanghao will no longer serve as president. Zhu Fanghao served cool Internet and electricity suppliers president, to create a "God" brand, after in December 2015 as the 360 president, President of our mobile phone 360. There are insiders revealed to the Sohu of science and technology, with the clear pattern of domestic mobile phone, the advantages of online increasingly weakened, hung for 360 weeks? The mobile phone has little interest, but will focus on Internet security. After adjustment, Zhu Fanghao would otherwise arranged, rather than leave. Just a week ago, 360 released Xiaolong version of N4S mobile phone. Zhu Fanghao after accepting Sohu technology and other media interviews, said that this year is the first year of 360 mobile phones, will be practical to do word of mouth, and expand the construction of online and offline channels. Then I would like to vote on the micro-blog double eleven, said the goal of the phone is very close to the domestic line of the top three of the top 360. According to the ranking of Shiner released mobile phone sales in the first half we can see that the total sales amounted to 250 million, 360 mobile phone ranked 14, sales of 3 million 260 thousand, far behind most of the Internet mobile phone brand. From the channel, the 360 mobile phone in addition to its own online channels, mainly rely on Jingdong, line by operators and underwriters. From the product line, the 360 phones have F, N, Q, the three product lines, positioning is not clear, poor reputation. All sorts of reasons make 360 mobile phone sales growth is weak. Coincidentally, the recent domestic manufacturers change frequently. October 24th, the company issued an internal document issued by the executive director of the company for the company’s mobile phone business. Yin Yimin is one of ZTE’s first mobile phone founder, contributed to the construction of ZTE mobile phone from 0 to 1, after a lapse of 14 and then back to the mobile phone market, it can be considered a mobile phone veterans return. In November 3rd, Lenovo announced the Lenovo Group senior vice president Qiao Jian will replace Chen Xudong, served as senior vice president of Lenovo Group and Chinese mobile business leader, mobile business group co president, directly to the Lenovo Group Chairman Yang Yuanqing report.相关的主题文章: