300 heroes, the new hero is recommended to get the most full welfare Mid Autumn Festival-3u8813

"Power and popularity of 300 heroes" new hero with the whole welfare for the Mid Autumn Festival recommended [Abstract] "300 heroes" new hero has a decent, attracting a large number of game player’s eye, and welfare of the world’s first animation week battle online games "300 heroes" with the game player who feel two times in summer, 3 new (China Netcom – Fantasy Township, telecommunications – chinjufu Telecom, -WCA clothing) blood battle you experience! The new hero is around the corner for the new welfare hero is definitely recommended, leading RIDER, as the new hero, he has a strong fighting force and high popularity, in the original, with its extraordinary temperament of kidnapping a little boy wants to be Webb’s help! The game is a minority of RIDER equipped with a dedicated hero, but also to trigger a unique exclusive skills, ultra fast support capabilities and unparalleled contribution to the battle of the group, will undoubtedly become the most popular hero of the summer. The new hero welfare week time: August 29th -9 month 4 days, daily 12 -23 59 activity area: the region activities: A, Rider the winner can get 300 gold Sawada Tsunayoshitsunayoshi as a strong melee, but have to take back the lethality, between his superior mobility and skill damage! Now do not need to buy Diamond Ji Ji, as long as the download homestead APP sign free to use for 1 days, what are you waiting for! Into the house without regrets, cartoon life push! "300 heroes" heroes in a variety of two dimensional world of ultra popular anime character based, game player can break through to the infinite dimensional boundaries, two dimensional space, enjoy the most exquisite stimulation, fun Animation Entertainment Carnival feast! "300 heroes" official website "hero": 300 download address: client 300_v201609022.zip相关的主题文章: