2030 China’s per capita life expectancy of 79 years of age is now about to increase by about the age adobe gamma

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2030, China’s per capita life expectancy of 79 years old than the current increase of about 3 years old Xinhua news agency, Beijing, October (reporter Wu Jing, Hu Hao), the CPC Central Committee and State Council recently issued the "Health China 2030" program outline ". Outline of the plan, by 2030, China’s major health indicators into the ranks of high-income countries, the average life expectancy increased by about 3 years old, to reach the age of 79. Health is the necessary requirement to promote the all-round development of human beings and the basic condition for the development of economy and society. As a grand blueprint and program of action to promote the healthy Chinese construction, health China construction outline clear goal: by 2020, the establishment of basic medical and health system covering both urban and rural residents Chinese characteristics, health literacy levels continue to improve, improve the efficiency of health service system, universal access to basic medical and health services and basic physical fitness service system, the basic form of health the industry with rich connotation, reasonable structure, the main health indicators in the forefront in the high-income countries. Plan put forward, to 2030, to promote the national health system more perfect, more coordinated development of health, healthy lifestyles gain popularity, health and health care service quality and continuously improve the level of health industry, prosperity and development, the basic realization of health equity, the main health indicators into the ranks of high-income countries. By 2050, we will build a healthy country which is compatible with the modern socialist country. Plan also detailed the specific objectives include: in 2030 the average life expectancy is 76.34 years at present continue to grow and reach the age of 79; major chronic disease and premature mortality decreased by 30% compared with 2015; personal health spending accounted for the proportion of total health expenditure from the current 29.3 to 25 or so. The outline of the plan is clear, "building and sharing, national health" is the strategic theme of building a healthy China, national health is the fundamental purpose of building a healthy china. In order to achieve the above goals, the plan also from the popularity of healthy living, optimize health services, improve health care, building a healthy environment, the development of health industry and other aspects of the deployment.相关的主题文章: