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2016 expert meeting today officially start private 395 private click into the "who is the most cattle private expert meeting" contest is the home page, the most cattle private Chinese today the official start of the contest! Sponsored by the Tencent finance, China CIC securities as exclusive broker 2016 world expert meeting – private equity division, and "private expert meeting" after 3 weeks of registration and the beta, the official start in September 12th. Since August 19th to start enrollment, the majority of users are concerned about. As of September 9, 2016 17, the contest chairman received a total of more than 2000 copies of the registration information, through strict qualification examination, a total of 395 private institutions to qualify. It is understood that the private conference attracted industry strength to participate in the big coffee: Beijing hazens inclusive season wins investment investment, Shanghai Shenzhen song yuan investment, Guangdong Jun Jian investment Daniel agencies are also involved, for "China most cattle private" honor. According to the competition schedule, the private competition in the preliminaries will last for 20 weeks, from September 12, 2016 to January 24, 2017, a week before the three institutions will directly qualify for the final 20 weeks, a total of 60; in addition, the total revenue of the top 40 contest will also qualify. The final 100 private institutions will win, for selected billions of products to support the qualification program. In the final stage: 100 institutions to upgrade the initial account of the simulation will be reset to 10 million, and then for a period of 8 weeks of the game. The final ranking final, according to the preliminary and final average yield (preliminary total yield *50%+ final stage total yield *50%) were calculated to reach the "private expert exchange" contest winners. In addition, in order to enhance the fun of the contest, the organizers set up a masked competition and exposing the face of the link. That is, at the beginning of the beginning of the private placement will be masked to the form of competition, after obtaining the final qualification, will be directly exposed face to the real name of the agency. For those who dare to challenge their own private institutions, you can also take the initiative to the organizers to expose the face". In terms of the award set, relying on the organizers of Tencent financial powerful media resources, access to the final of the private sector will get an exclusive interview, the company’s brand on the media platform, such as the opportunity to publicize the exposure. In addition, private institutions will be invited to become the winning China securities investment cooperation key private institutions, in accordance with the regulatory requirements of the case, Chinese will have investment securities through its information management license issued FOF products, hire outstanding private institutions as an investment adviser, or through the issuance of China investment securities, third party financial etc. the private equity companies sell stocks contest outstanding performance of private sector products, outstanding private institutions support contest selected, promote awards for outstanding private institutions and China investment securities to grow together. "The world expert meeting" is the first landing activities reached Tencent.com and Chinese investment securities in hand after. Designed to host a private placement institutions, investment celebrities, as well as a large number of individual investors, investment practices, investor education, investment community exchanges, interactive games, such as the integration of investment competition feast. Activities are divided into five major areas, namely: "private placement.相关的主题文章: