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10 year old girl biggest wish Mom: I grew up on the cancer cure your money – Beijing, she is not the only class magazine provides students. Deskmate said, it is rare for her to wear new clothes, eat snacks. She is also a student of sunshine, every semester has been named "diligence star"". Mother was seriously ill, her greatest wish is: Mom, you must wait for me to grow up! I’ll make money for you. Recently, 10 year old Xiao became a teacher of Yang Cheng with the film, a home shooting, let the teacher moved more and more. A small smile Ying yesterday morning, the evening news reporter went to the Yiwu city temple town of Beilei primary school, when the second class recess, skinny little Ying sat in the first row, was carefully peeled melon seeds. When the bell rang, she put the seeds in her mouth and sat down. 10 class 05, pick up the table in good class teacher told the children, Xiao has deftly packed stationery and books, go out of the classroom waiting for early. The caregiver is usually a boarding school, the school is forty or fifty minutes drive from home. These seeds are brought from her home, with a box of chocolates sent by others, in the desk. She was happy to tell reporters: my mother was afraid I did not eat snacks at school, specifically to bring me." Teacher Yang said several times at the beginning, because the family caregiver not to raise money to pay off. Every year when the students buy extracurricular books, she can only give up. Even so, in the school every day, she is smiling, actively participate in various activities. "Look at her at home to do housework, in the school actively learning, especially touched." Yang said, "look at the child with a smile on his face, you will not think that she has endured more than the same age children." Difficult home caregiver’s home in the temple town of Yiwu village pingwang. Two wood structure walls of old tile roofed house, steep wooden staircase creak creak, step up "sound, or old-fashioned cooking stove. Home appliances on a broken old color TV and a sewing machine. Xiao mother Chen Xinfang, 49 years old this year, suffering from the disease by a glance. When Chen Xinfang was 7 years old, she was diagnosed with colon cancer. "After recurrence have bone metastases, can not do heavy work." Chen Xinfang has health insurance, but the family still can not afford. The home of her father a labor force, less than three thousand yuan a month salary, her brother is still in junior high school." Here, Chen Xinfang wiped his eyes. Xiao Ying’s father 56 years old, in the town of Hua Chuan garbage treatment plant to work hard to feed a family of four. Sensible child let Chen Xinfang most gratified is that she has two sensible child. She doesn’t know what a malignant tumor is, only to know that her mother has a very serious disease, always try to help her mother. She said, "I’m afraid my mother will leave us like grandma." At home, the caregiver is busy, with a machete, to the village of the mountain firewood, a large bundle of firewood one home; and my brother with dinner, carrying a basket to take a bus to work in the town’s father sent to the paper;相关的主题文章: