10 Mens Fashion Must Haves For This Winter From Camel To Tw Steel Watches-sugus

Arts-and-Entertainment Everyone wants to look good, but during the winter everyone also wants to stay warm. Here is a list of the top ten fashion items you must have this winter for doing both. 1. Winter Hat: Caps, beanies, fedoras, newsboy caps and bowlers are all good options for fashion-friendly headwear. 2. Leather Jacket: You can expose your leather jacket to winter winds and snows, but if you do, you should know how to preserve it. Water-repellent sprays are a good idea, and if you do get your jacket wet, dry it off when you’re inside. For shoes, this helps battle those irksome salt lines. 3. Vest: When it .es to layering, it doesn’t get better than a vest. Your chest, your head and your face are most sensitive to cold weather, so it’s important to protect them all equally in order to stay warm. Add it to a sweater to look especially sleek. Chunky sweaters pair well with heavy duty vests, while leaner cashmere or fine knit ones work better with lightweight vests. 4. Scarves: There are five ways to tie a scarf, but the warmest, and my personal favorite is the Parisian. Fold the scarf hot dog style and pull the two ends through the loop on the opposite end. 5. Sleek Peas: Insulate your pea coats with layers rather than wear a silly oversized puffy coat. It may be good for skiing, but it doesn’t look great walking down the street. Camel coats are always classic and are experiencing a major resurgence this winter. These long overcoats are much better for work than wearing your ski coat with your weekend lift ticket dangling off your zipper. 6. Boots: High boots are a great way to keep your feet warm and look good. Tuck your pants into the boot to get the most out of your fashion statement. 7. Warm Thinsulation: Thermals, cashmere, and tailored coats all work well at keeping you warm without making you look like you’re going to burst at the seams. Layer thin pieces of clothing to get the most fashionable look. 8. Work Accessories: A nice pair of leather gloves will save you from a run-in with the fashion police when you try to wear those ski gloves out on the town. 9. Sweaters: Cashmere, wool, whatever style you want. Except for reindeer fronted ones, unless you’re invited to an ugly sweater party. 10. Watch: A watch is a classic addition to any outfit, and some of the better ones to invest in this winter are TW Steel watches, Michael Kors watches, and Raymond Weil watches. All black TW Steel watches are especially sleek if you want to check how long you’ve been out in the cold. These items will help you stay warm and look good this winter. So if you need to stock up, go ahead, before you’re left out in the cold. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: